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Co-Written by
Mur from Geek Fu Action Grip
and Rob from podCast411
Foreword by
Senator John Edwards


Articles and Webpages where the whole idea of podcasting is explained

How to Explain Podcasting to a Flashing 12 - Our tutorial on translating Geek
 Speak into something the most Technically Challenged Person (Flashing 12)
 can easily understand.  Feb 19, 2005 - podcast411

"What do You Mean I don't need an iPod to Listen to a Podcast?" and other common questions about podcasting - This is the Second part  in our Flashing 12 series on Podcasting - If you know nothing about podcasting - You shoud read that Tutorial first - See above.
April 9, 2005

Understanding the Podcasting Revolution - iPodlounge by Alicia Bankhofer - Feb 17, 2005

Podcasting - From Wikipedia - The internet Encyclopedia

Exploiting the Educational Potential of Podcasting - RECAP
Great article with an overview of podcasting and detailed information on how to use podcasting in an education setting.