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Co-Written by
Mur from Geek Fu Action Grip
and Rob from podCast411
Foreword by
Senator John Edwards


Total Sites Listed (11) - Last Update Nov 7, 2006

Podcast411 - Our Site

Castfire - Site for helping podcasters get Ads inserted into their podcasts


iPodverts.com - auction site for the buying and
selling of Ads in Podcasts.

KYOU Radio - Terrestrial and Internet Radio Station playing only podcasts.

PC Caster - Site to find Software, FAQ's and Links on podcasting.

PodcasterCon Site - Podcasting Convention Early 2006

NEW - Podcast Inspector - Allows you to search multiple podcasting sites at once.


RETC E-Library - Fordham's RETC and Techpod, Podcast for Teachers

Wikipedia - Link on Podcasting - Not really the best, but a popular link

UltimatePodcasting - Companion site for upcoming book "The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Podcasting"

If you have a Site on Podcasting you would like linked here
Send an e-mail to rob@podcast411.com