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October 10th 2010

Podcast101 - Creating and Hosting an Audio Podcast

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Step 11: Submitting to the other Podcast Directories.

Once you submit your podcast feed to the big Three - iTunes, Zune and Blackberry Podcasts - There are over 50 other active podcast directories out there where you can submit your podcast feed. I try to keep an active directory of the podcast directories HERE

Before you go off submitting to all the directories. It will help if you take a couple of minutes and put the following info into a plain text document.

Title of the podcast

Description in less than 255 characters

Feed URL

Website URL

iTunes Web PAge URL

Keywords - Coma Separated

Keywords - Space Seperated

Image URL


Getting all of this together ahead of time will make submiitting to these sites go much faster.

Ok - now you can go HERE to find the links to submit your podcast to.


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